SUPER MEGA ENGINEERS GROUP CO., LTD. was incorporated on 25th day of June, 1997 under the Myanmar companies Act as a Private Limited Company.

Company registration No. - 476/97-98 (25-06-1997)
Export/Import registration No. - HTA THA KA-7963 (28-07-1997)
Union of Myanmar Chamber of Commerce & Industry Member - 5150 (13-08-1997)

Plot(193/197), Shu Khin Thar Street, Industrial Zone,
North Okkalapa, Yangon, Union of Myanmar.
Tel: 951-691843, 951-691844, 951-691845, 951-661663, 951-9690297
Fax: 951-691700
E-mail: supermega@supermega-engg.com, info@supermega-engg.com, supermega97@gmail.com
Website: www.super-mega.com,www.supermega-engg.com

SUPER MEGA TRADING CO.,LTD. Established on 25th June 1997.
GENERATE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CO., LTD. Established on 22nd January 2009.
SUPER MEGA TRADING(S) PTE LTD, SINGAPORE. Established on 14th November 2009.




The company together with its associate company are in the field of Electrical, Instrumentation and Building Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Construction Work (including Fire-alarm, Telephone and Public Addressing) for Power Plants, Substations, Transmission Lines, Industrial Plants, Chemical Plants, Refineries, Shipyards, Marine Automation, Hotels and High-rise Building. We serve our clients primarily on the following...

* Electrical, Control and Instrumentation, basic Design and Engineering.
* Procurement of Equipment, Materials and Instruments for new Project.
* Erection, Supply and Installation of complete electrical and instrumentation system.
* Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance.
* Fabrication of Low Tension Distribution Boards, Motor Control Centers and Sub DBs.
* Modification and Fabrication of Medium Voltage Switchgear Panel.
* Manufacturing of 33000V, 11000V/6600V, VCB/GCB/LBS Switchgear Panels and Disconnecting Switch.
* Manufacturing of 400V Main Receiving Panels, Auto Transfer Switch Panel, Motor Control Centres, Distribution Board and Power Factor Improvement Device.
* Trading for all related Electrical and Instrumentation materials and testing equipment.
( Such as Transformers up to 15 mVA, HT / LT Switchgears VCB/SF6/ACB, Control & Power HT LT Cables, LT DBs, LT MCCs, Motor Starters, Motors, Instrument, Generators, HT/LT Overhead Line Materials, Insulation Tester, Clamp-on Meter, Energy Meters, etc.)
* Research Renewable Energy Generation by Tidal Power with Japanese Institute.


The Managing Director, U Khin Maung Win, was in this line of services, since 1978 where he had gained experience working for many big organization in Myanmar and Singapore and later enter partnerships with friend engineers to set-up an Engineering Company serving mainly the industrial, oil, Gas, Chemical and Processing Industrial for their Electrical and Instrumentation Projects and maintenance needs. He had not only Engineering Diploma and Degree, but also holding Special Grade Certificate that is permission for handling high Voltage Electrical Equipment.


The Company is focusing on improving and upgrading the Engineering process. As part of its plan for long term growth, the company continues to seek ways to remain competitive in the regional market.


The day-to-day operations of the company are entrusted to an experienced team of senior management personnel.
As at 31st December 2006, the company employed over 100 employees. A breakdown of Company's employees employed by the company is set out below.

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